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Interview with Mori Samel-Garloff about her appearance on ABC's Wife Swap


ASHLAND, Oregon (Date April 20, 2010) Ashland's own Mori Garloff, owner and artist of Mori Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio, and her family, star in an episode of the the popular ABC television show "Wife Swap" this Friday at 8:00 PM.

The hit TV show has two wives each trading places with the other woman's family for two weeks. So while Mori went to stay with a family in Nevada, the wife from Nevada came to Oregon to step into Mori's life.

"Wife Swap was a great opportunity to see what it's like to walk in someone elses shoes," said Mori Garloff. "Opportunities like this don't come around every day, and I'm all about seizing new experiences and living life in the moment!"

Meanwhile, the Garloff family welcomed a new wife and mother! "It was a good experience to get out of my comfort zone and relate to another person's point of view," said John Garloff, Mori's husband.

The Garloffs have two sons, Bronson, 14 years old, and Maxwell, 12. Maxwell said, "Boy, was I ever glad to get my Mom back! The whole experience helped me realize how much I appreciate my Mom's unique mothering style."

ABC's Wife Swap decided they wanted to do an episode featuring a family in the tattoo business and found Mori in the national tattoo directory. "MORI INK," based in Ashland, Oregon, provides high-quality tattoos, piercings and permanent makeup in a clean and sterile environment that is warm, comfortable and relaxing.

As an artist and business woman for 13 years, Mori endeavors to change perceptions about the tattoo industry with thoughtful artistic expression and critical attention to aftercare. Mori researched, created, and now markets a tattoo aftercare product line called "NuTattoo Aftercare." Many great reviews from store employees carrying NuTattoo Aftercare products and countless satisfied customers through-out the region attest to the demand and need for environmentally safe non-petroleum based tattoo aftercare for clients. NuTattoo Aftercare also has a line of soaps, lubricants and application products for the artist.

To find out more about Mori and her studio please visit . For more information about NuTattoo Aftercare, visit

Mori of Mori Ink Discusses Benefits of All Natural Aftercare product line!

ASHLAND, Oregon (Date April 19, 2010) - Mori Garloff. of Mori Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio reveals the benefits of NuTattoo Aftercare products in comparison to other industry aftercare products currently in use.

" I want to stress how important it is for the Tattoo and Piercing industry to be responsible in offering quality after care products to clients in their studios so that clients do not have to shop elsewhere for what we as professionals need to provide. Tattoos and piercings are not exactly a natural process and therefore I believe it is important to use natural aftercare products that support the bodies natural process of healing." says Mori Garloff. "Other products currently in use may contain chemicals that could damage tattoos and skin tissue. This ultimately effects the quality of the work produced by each artist."

NuTattoo Aftercare products are made from all natural homogeneously hypo-allergenic ingredients.

NuTattoo the natural advantage.
For more information on the NuTattoo please visit our website at or

Mori of Mori Ink Fights for Our Kids!

ASHLAND, Oregon (Date April 7,, 2010) - Mori Garloff is asked to speak in front of Ashland City Council regarding the nutritional value of processed school lunches versus all natural school lunches.

"We all know.....that Olympians do not rely on McNuggets or Coke a Cola for optimal health, well being, and brain power..... really. Why would we want to follow suit in feeding Monsanto foods from who knows where, from who knows what, from you know who! The nutrition for our children is of utmost importance. Instead of affiliating the schools with corporate sponsors we discussed the proposition of a partnership with local farmers and providing healthy nutritional meals to children in the Ashland School District." stated Mori.

Mori has always been a proponent of all natural products which can be seen in her line of NuTattoo Aftercare Products for tattooing and piercing. Whether products are ingested or applied upon the body Mori believes they should be of the highest quality and she commits to that in her community as well as her business.

To speak to Mori about her all natural product line or tattoo and piercing options please contact her at (541) 482-8288 or go to either of her websites, or

NuTattoo Aftercare products Getting Good Reviews

ASHLAND, Oregon (March 14, 2010) - NuTattoo Aftercare products are getting great reviews from store employees and customers. NuTattoo aftercare products can be found at Mori Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, One World, Ashland Food Coop and other participating businesses, or visit the NuTattoo online at

"We have gotten great feedback about our product so far," says Mori Garloff, creator of NuTattoo Aftercare. "Our goal is to create an aftercare product line that is 100% natural and effective for the benefits intended. NuTattoo improves a healing process with a quick, gentle yet active response in the least invasive way possible while supporting the professionalism of the artist.

With more people using NuTattoo Aftercare, Mori's goal of effective, natural, and responsible aftercare within the body art industry is becoming a true reality. "I hope the industry can get behind a healthy alternative to what is currently used, it is the responsibility of us as artists to insure that we provide our customers with the healthiest products of quality and distinction that reflects our professionalism in our shops and our art work."

For more information on NuTattoo Aftercare products or Mori and her shop, please visit or

Mori of Mori Ink Introduces NuTattoo Website

ASHLAND, Oregon (Date April 4, 2009) - Mori Garloff of Mori Ink tattoo and body piercing studio, introduces a website for her new aftercare product line NuTattoo Aftercare. The website can be accessed via and also offers links to her shop site as well.

The NuTattoo website offers a video with audio instructions for best use and application for all NuTattoo products. Beyond this there are written instructions as well as in depth property break down of all choice ingredients. All products can be purchased online in bulk or individually. "I wanted the product to be accessible for all shops, artists, and clients." says Mori.

Mori provides NuTattoo Aftercare products after all of her clients tattoo and body piercing needs. She says, "With proper aftercare, all body art should look the same or better than the day it was done."

Visit the NuTattoo website at or stop by the shop for more information. The shop is located at 248 Second St Ashland, Oregon.